Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vancouver 2016 Day 10: Wrapup, cousins, and home

Vancouver 2016 Day 10: Wrapup, cousins, and home

Our final day in Vancouver! We checked out of the hotel and wandered HBC and Roots and checked out some other fun shopping, just to see the necessary Canadiana.

As a friend said, "You can take the boy out of Canada... but..."
OMG our favourite homeware person "Bluebellgray" now makes TEAWARE ahhhhhhhhh
Man this lady's bedding is friggin' kick ass. We love this stuff.
Fetching? Don't we all need a woolen HBC purse?

Michal didn't have a chance to get to Stanley Park yet, so we headed up (yes, in a Car2Go!) to go on a short walk in the park. It sure is a lot nicer up there when it's not raining like crazy!! It was a lovely afternoon walk and very "fresh" up there. We chatted nicely about our honeymoon and all the adventures we were planning.

After our walk we headed back to meet up with Michal's family's cousins, Miriam and Ralph! That was awesome and they suggested this great brown rice sushi place that I hadn't heard of in my crazy foodie research. It's so great to get to go to some spots that the locals love! That was really tasty and apparently the first place to start serving brown rice sushi?! It was very, very good, and an awesome sendoff from a fabulous trip.

And that's that! We headed back to SFO and waiting for me at home was... an AMAZING handcrafted Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake that Michal had made for me while I was away in Vancouver!! It was so fantastic and a great welcome home gift... I ate a HUGE initial slice... and polished off the rest over the next few days!

MAN that was good.

A quick photo of all the fun stuff I collected:

What an awesome trip and such a fun experience heading up to Vancouver and really getting to "see it all". It was a pretty action-packed 10 days, and I was glad to at least be able to share the last piece of it with Michal! Super fun times and a great city with awesome food and awesome people. Just like visiting Portland a month before, it was nice to have a chance to see another one of the "big west coast cities" in all its glory. All of these fun experience and memories... a brand new niece, and a huge personalized cheesecake waiting for me upon return. Talk about a huge win!

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