Sunday, December 25, 2016

Israel 2016 Highlights: Family

Israel 2016 Travel Highlight Blog
July 22 - August 1, 2016
Blog #2: Family

The big reason for the visit this year was Roey's bar-mitzvah, and we all had a great time together celebrating Roey's special week. Much time was required, right off the bat, for silly faces.

Ice cream stops are a must-do family activity in the summer here.

At Roey's bar-mitzvah party, they had some table-top games set up. This led to some pretty fierce competition:

Tomer and I cruuushing the other team
One must maintain calm and focus for optimal foosball skill
This was right before I got scored against like 12 times.
We adventured out to a goat farm for some amazing cheese at one point, and also to a beautiful waterfall in the north of the country. Lots of good times together.

And plenty of time for eating and being silly, what family can always be counted on for!

Visiting Nir and Ilush and baby Ella

Classy selfie
A glorious time with wonderful people, what more could you ask for?! :)

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