Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vancouver 2016 Day 6: Debates and Poutine

Vancouver 2016 Day 6: Debates and Poutine

Just a short post for this day's events. After work I hung out with a bunch of the other folks in Tech and we played Bananagrams. I had never played it before, but people described it as a "non-crappy version of Scrabble." It ended up going surprisingly well, but I had kindof an awkward combination of words. :)

Hey look! It's Brian and Hannah!
I headed to The Lamplighter Public House with Brian and Hannah for a nice hang out and catch up after this, and we chatted for a while before I walked back to my hotel.

I headed back home in time to catch the majority of the final US Presidential Debate. I watched that and after that madness it was about 1am local time and it seemed that some Poutine would be the wisest choice. My own "debate" on Facebook that I posted: "It's 1am. Post-debate watching decision: to walk from hotel to get late-night epic poutine or not? Also Tim Hortons beside Poutine place? The answer, my friends, is yes." Thankfully at least there was one easy answer to the evening's problems: Poutine. I wandered up the road from the hotel to Fritz, a local fry place, and got some tastiness to wrap up the evening.

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