Wednesday, February 15, 2006

At Pixar University this week

Work is really sweet this week. I am learning some tools that we use at Pixar this week so I am taking a course at Pixar University which is awesome. It's going really well and I did some little animations today, just a squishy bouncy ball kinda thing. Good times. So yeah this is really fun and I get to do a bunch of learning this week so it's all very exciting. There are some guys from Tools and TDs in my class and they are all an awesome bunch.

Otherwise I have been just busy working, I learned the Python programming language last week and it's pretty awesome. Oh my buddies Matt and Alex are doing very well for themselves and are getting great interviews for full time jobs, and I am really proud of those guys!!

Anyway better get some decent sleep, I keep going to bed too late. I finished Harry Potter last week and it roooocckkkkeedd oh maaaaaaaaan it was amazing, but now I am not reading late at night so I keep staying up too late bloggin' and making myself nerdy MySpace pages, haha. Oh well, good times. I want to go into San Francisco again this weekend, I am about due for some sweet Chinese food again I think.

Oh yeah I think the Aerial Freestyle Skiing is going on tomorrow at the Olympics and that might be the awesomest thing ever so I best be watching that. I think the O.C. and Scrubs are all delayed until the Olympics are done so that is good cause you all know how I feel about those awesome shows.

I'll post some pics from the weekend when we help move some friends from work (Jaime and Angelique) to their new apartment. Me, Taylor, Frank and countless other moderately muscular Pixar folk shall be workin' the pipes pretty hard this weekend carrying TVs and the like for Jaime and Angelique. I hear news of Pizza, so that will undoubtedly make the moving experience quite awesome. Oh yeah, and we need some Dave Matthews playing too I think for optimal moving performance. Word.

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