Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A movie that is also a sandwich

We saw the movie The Count of Monte Cristo today, and I kept thinking about sandwiches.

I think there is a sandwich called a Monte Cristo sandwich. I have yet to determine the exact direct correspondence between this sandwich and the movie, but apparently the movie was really greasy... or the sandwich has a lot of plot twists and adventure. Not sure yet on how this will unfold, but I am excited to see the outcome.

Actually I think I am not going to be able to rock one of these famed movie sandwiches, I just found a recipe on a website for a Monte Cristo sandwich which said "Full skillet recipe using ham, chicken and cheese" so it's looking pretty hardcore in the "non-Kosher" department. Oh well. The movie was surprisingly good! Maybe I can get some Tofu bacon or ("Facon", if you will) and eat a remixed Monte Cristo sandwich if I watch the movie again. Marvelous.

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