Monday, February 20, 2006

Pixar homeys dinner in San Francisco

Tonight a bunch of us went to Gordon Biersch in San Francisco for some really awesome food. I got this crazy Hawaiian Teriyaki steak meal and it was awwwesssooommme!!

We got to hang out with a couple of the new interns too and they are a great bunch and Nathan from EA came out with us as well which was good times.

In other news I have totally boarded out my 30-second film I am working on, I think it should work pretty well but I need to spend a little while on it. I am going to do the set dressing and camera movements and then move onto animation by tomorrow night if I can get that far. Good times!

Katelyn congratulating Taylor on his sweet parking job

Mmm... Gordon Biersch brewery

Awesome pic of Taylor and Katelyn

Don't mess with these crazies

Haha Taylor and Kevin rockin' the one eyebrow up action

My Hawaiian teriyaki steak and garlic mashed potatoes

Great shot of Frank

Frank confused about something

Jon and Nathan with a new haircut

Angelique with a true American-sized beer

Frank with Veronica and Maggie the new interns

Frank commenting on how Thai spicy sauce is not cajun spicing

Me looking 'ol school

Katelyn taking a picture of Frank

Me and Katelyn

Nice one of Kev pondering something

Awesome group pic

Bay Bridge sweeeeeeet

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