Sunday, February 12, 2006

Curious George movie is AWESOME!

Hi all,

Quick movie review of Curious George, I just saw it today. Oh man it was amazing!!

Here are a few reasons why it roooocckks:
  • The whole soundtrack is done by Jack Johnson, one of my favourite musicians - he has some songs collaborating with Ben Harper, G. Love and Matt Costa, a great set of musical goodness.
  • Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore and David Cross are voices for the movie - what else could you want?!
  • The dialogue is hilarious, my favourite part was when Will Ferrell's character opens a bag of peanuts on a boat on the way back from Africa, and the boat is really shaky and all the peanuts go flying, and he says, "Oh no!! The honey roasted goodness!!" as the peanuts fall down some metal grate and they are gone, haha. That was awesome.
  • The monkey is reeaaaaaaaaaaalllly cute and smiles all the time during the movie, it's really awesome.
  • Did I mention the soundtrack is AMAZING?!?!?!
Anyway I was super impressed. It rocked. It looked like it was all 2D, there might have been a few parts on the rooftops that looked a bit like they might have done some 3D toon shading or something, or whatever technique was used for Futurama, but for the most part it looked like a very nice 2D style and I loved it. Fantastic.

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