Thursday, February 23, 2006

Matt Lausch comes to California!

Today was sweet!! I finished my Pixar University course today and it rocked. I finished my 45 second film and it worked out very well.

Also, my friend Matt Lausch from Canada came to visit today!! Matt has an interview tomorrow at Apple in Cupertino, so he showed up this afternoon, shlepped all the way up here from San Jose, hung out with me at Pixar for a couple of hours, bought a Pixar T-Shirt, then we went for Indian Food and then Kevin dropped Matt at the BART station and Matt took the BART and CalTrain back to Cupertino. Haha man what a crazy day for Matt, I was tired just thinking about all of his running around!

Anyway here are some pics and also there are a few of my roommate Frank and also a few of me, we just decided to play with my camera tonight after Matt went back to Cupertino.

Good luck Matt for your interview! It was great to see Matt and show him around Pixar and also get a chance to chat about school for a bit. He sounds like he is having a good time but he is really overworked in the Waterloo Compilers course, that course sounds crazy. I am not super interested in doing more Compilers (since we did the Intro Compilers sort of course already) and Matt says it has been pretty nuts. But he's a powerhouse so I am sure he will do very well despite the insane amount of work.

Been watching the Olympics a lot lately, tonight was super cool and Canada is generally doing pretty sweet, tied in 3rd place with the USA and Norway! Awesome.



And another one

More self photo action

Good times

And another ridiculous photo

One more Me and Matt shot

Sweet graphics books

My sweet DVD collection

Nice 3D action

Frank chillin' out


Me on the couch

Doing the eyebrow thing

Cool perspective action

Frank doing the eyebrow thing

More sweet perspective vibe

Haha I need a haircut

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