Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Santa Monica and Venice Beach

For my last day in LA, Tracy and I went shopping on the Promenade in Santa Monica, well we walked into stores, I looked at some shirts, didn't buy anything and then we went to the beach. Good times!! :)

It was awesome and we walked all the way along Santa Monica beach to Venice Beach. It was really fun and Venice Beach was pretty weird and crazy, but kinda hippyish too so it was interesting despite its crazyness. We went back to Santa Monica beach and I got a coffee and Tracy and I shared some fries and the walked back to the Santa Monica pier watching the sunset. Awesome!!

Tracy then drove me back to LAX after we got all my stuff and I headed back to Emeryville.

Promenade in Santa Monica

Me and Tracy rockin' out

Getting ready for some shopping

Me trying on a weird overpriced hat

Cool Palm trees

Haha, J. Crew!!!!!

Sweet weather

Santa Monica beach

The Ocean

Santa Monica pier

Ferris Wheel

Walk to Venice Beach

More sweet palm trees

Weird apartment that was nice at the front and run down on the sides

This was a lawyer's office!!

"The Shul on the Beach" awesome!!!!!

There were a lot of tattoo places in Venice Beach

Cool painting

The Zoltar Machine like the one in the movie "Big"

Muscle Beach

More Muscle Beach things

V is for... Venice Beach!!

Awesome clouds and palm trees

Clouds rocked

More clouds

Mmm... I like snacks

Beauty shot of someone walking by infront of the sunset


More awesome sunset

Sunset on the Santa Monica pier


A funny poster on the walk back to the car

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