Sunday, February 12, 2006

Party at Pyramid Brewery and at our apartment

Yesterday was pretty sweet. We got up and went to a nice cafe for breakfast, which was pretty good and it's always fun to have breakfast at 2pm on a weekend. :)

After that I got some sweeeeeeeeet pants at Banana Republic for $9.99 on sale from $88.00!! I love going shopping and only ever buying stuff on the sale rack, it's fantastic. These pants are super fancy and I would have never bought them otherwise, but $9.99 isn't bad!! They were such a good deal that I got my Dad a pair of them too!!

We played some frisbee and in the evening we went to the Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley and it was fantastic. I got some really good Fish and Chips and then we headed back to our apartment for some good times and noisy times, we spilled cranberry juice on the carpet (see pictures below), and other such good times documented below.

Jon cleaning up the spilled cranberry juice


Spilled cranberry juice

Thank you Club Soda!!

Gangster Kev

Manish workin' it on the couch

Me in a cowboy hat

Partying in the kitchen... niiiccee

The messy kitchen

Taylor in camera mode

Nate from EA Redwood Shores having a spot of tea

Katelyn was asleep on the couch within 5 minutes, haha

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