Saturday, February 18, 2006

Moving some friends, Pizza and staying up too late

I am up way too late again, I have been going to bed at 3 or 4am every night this week, and waking up at around 8:45am so I am rockin' a week of 5 hours of sleep per night for pretty much every day this week. Insane!!!!!!!!!!! Ahh and I am doing it again now! It's 4:10am and I am still up again, haha man I don't ever go to sleep at a decent time anymore. :)

Fortunately I do have lots of good excuses. My buddy Matt is coming up here for an interview at Apple in Cupertino, California next week and is pretty excited about that. I have figured out all this train stuff and times so he can come see Pixar and hang out for a while, so that should be sweet. Last night I decided at about 3:30am that I needed to get some more Special Effects books, especially I really like the author Mark Cotta Vaz, he has done pretty much all the "Art of" books for the Pixar movies so he is pretty awesome. Anyway I decided to score some more of his stuff, and I ordered the Making of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 which should be super cool. I also bought "Industrial Light and Magic: Into The Digital Realm", which looks like an awesome book about the history of Industrial Light and Magic, one of the innovators of the entire Special Effects and Computer Graphics industry. Awesome!! I am pretty psyched for that book and I saw it at a book store for $80, and got it online for $11!! Not a bad deal eh!!

So other than late night book purchasing and Amtrak schedule planning, I've finally attempted to catch up on the (at least) 40 emails I haven't written back to in my Inbox. I have been pretty busy these past few weeks and haven't really had a chance to just spend an afternoon answering emails and writing back to friends. I better spend some more time on that stuff this weekend too.

Had some leftover deep-dish Pizza tonight, veggie of course and there was some pretty crazy tomato action going on there. Good times.

Anyway tomorrow (in like 6 hours) I have to be at Jon's apartment, we are moving Jon, Angelique and Jaime to their new apartments in Berkeley, and they want our tough bodies and rippling muscles (haha yeah right) to help them move their TVs and other crazy shaped/weird sized/heavy stuff. Should be fun to help these guys out and thank goodness we have an elevator at the first apartment for sure.

That's about it this week. Gotta spend some time "boarding" (i.e. "storyboarding" - drawing the shots and camera angles) for the short animation I am going to be doing next week, pretty psyched about that and I think it is going to turn out pretty well as long as I have lots of time to spend on it. Anyway I hope everyone is well and happy and I'll post more pictures again soon.

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