Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Visiting Tracy in LA

This past weekend I went to visit my awesome friend Tracy in LA!! She is working in Culver City and it was really awesome to get to see her and also get to see lots of fun touristy stuff in the area. The first day we went to Sony Pictures Imageworks, then out for a big hike to the Hollywood Hills to see the Hollywood Sign, then we went out for Brazillian food (grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, fried plantains and garlic bread) and then drove up Mulholland Drive to see the city lights at night. Awesome.

Tracy and her flowers from Emeryville, glad they made it ok!

Me in front of Sony Pictures Imageworks

A street behind Sony Picture Imageworks where some of Arrested Development was filmed!!

Sweet Arrested Development action

Mmm.. Nachos for lunch

Downtown LA

Haha Matt Lausch this one is for you, it's the AON Building!!

Sweet houses

Awesome castle house thing in Hollywood

These houses are awesome!!

Another sweet house

Me hiking

Tracy smiling, and me making a weird face

Good times

And another photo

Tracy told me to interpretive dance like this tree

Close to the Hollywood sign


And a crazy photo

The Hollywood Sign super close up!!

Our fancy Brazillian dinner

Mmm... food

Cool car lights driving down Hollywood

View of the city from Mulholland Drive

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