Tuesday, September 09, 2008

DMB Show at UC Berkeley, Sun. Sept 7

Yep, I went to 2 DMB shows in a row... AND IT WAS AMAZZZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Concert #2 was also at the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley and maaaaaaan it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was even more fun 'cause lots of my friends were there to share in the awesome musical glory of the Dave Matthews Band. :) it was SO good. The music was absolutely phenominal. The setlist was out of this world. MAN!!!!!!

We were right up at the stage, but on the other side compared to the night before. Awesome. We made some friends in the crowd and the music was just amazing. Carter totally rocked the house, but his performance on Saturday was hard to beat, I think!! Tim was amazing, and played some insane solos, ohhhh man it rocked. Dave was CRAZY!! He was dancing all over the stage and being nuts, it was sooo cool. I got a bunch on video too!! There were some loud/kinda annoying peeps around us for a bit, but they were eventually quite ignore-able due to all the awesome people around us. :) So no worries. Our position near the stage was a little better on Sat, but the setlist was defffinitely more awesome on Sun. Great times. Shelley and Josh were there too, and they were awesome as usual!! They rock!!

The setlist was just insane. The played EVERYTHING I wanted to hear: Crush, Crash, The Maker and Ants Marching!!!!! All in one show?!?!?!? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just fantastic.

After the ammaaazing show we went to Jupiter to chill, and I got another Gelato before we went back to San Francisco.

Here's the setlist and some photos. Videos in the next post.
Sunday Sep 7 2008
University of California, Berkeley - Greek Theatre

Old Dirt Hill
Drive In Drive Out
Crash Into Me
Corn Bread
Loving Wings
What Would You Say
The Song That Jane Likes
When The World Ends
The Maker
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen The Bridge
Too Much Intro
Ants Marching
You Might Die Trying
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Cabernet and O-Rriz


Shelley and Josh!!

Sharon and the Dap Kings, crazy opening band

Gats, gatsin' it

Awesome group photo #1

Awesome group photo #2

Awesome group photo #3

Hahaha, classic

A really, really horrible picture of me and Sarah...

...followed b a really, really nice picture of me and Sarah!!

Dave and Tim

Awesome light show

Holy crap this rocked






Rawshawn and Jeff

Suuuuper sweet

Best musician evvvvver

Beautiful light show for Crash

Sooo gooooood

Dave dancing like a crazy man

Bustin' a move


Yes, this is still awesome

Carter and Stephan

More awesomeness

Dave, and a big video of Dave 1

Dave, and a big video of Dave 2

More dancing

Haha, shake it, Dave!!

Still rockin'


Cuttin' it up

Dave coming over to say Hi to us :)


Amazing show!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley and I at Jupiter

Me and Matt

Sarah Gatarelli

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