Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still up

Grr it's 5:08am and I'm still up with too many things on my mind. Gotta write this down so I can go to sleep and not be overly tired tomorrow.

Stuff I am thinking about:
  • Microsoft's ad campaign vs Apple and how this is related to Obama/Biden vs McCain/Palin ads
  • Canon Rebel XSi, great deal, I think I want to get it soon
  • Other lenses for the camera, specifically a fixed-length 50mm
  • The question of the day, 50mm lens, but f/1.8 or f/1.4?!
  • Rock climbing tonight and how much my fingers hurt from it, but it was still awesome
  • Curry for dinner, and how much it rocked
  • Allllll the stuff I want to do tomorrow, and how I am now gonna be tired for it
  • Sennheiser earphones - just emailed their service department to see if the will fix my old ones
  • Mailing stuff to my friends
  • Using my "random amount of free money" coupon tomorrow at Macy's
  • Getting a "thin tie" at Zara, been thinking that would be cool for a while
  • Going to H&M cause it rocks
  • Charging my cell phone
  • All the stuff I have to do this weekend
Tomorrow I am going to hit up the Ferry Building and just chill, and try not to do anything too major for a while, just read and chill out. Then in the afternoon I'll maybe go see the new Coen Brothers movie or do some other fun stuff... sweet.

Alrighty better get at least some sleep before the sun comes up!!

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