Saturday, September 13, 2008

Planet Granite opening in San Francisco Presidio

Tonight was sweet. We went to Planet Granite, the new climbing gym in the Presidio, right near work!! It is VERY nice, and it's HUGE too. Tons and tons of bouldering area, a cool big boulder in the middle that you can climb up all the way and then walk down a one-way "ramp" thing, which is pretty funny and cool. Crazy diagonal 2 floor bouldering cave, very interesting!! There were tons of really high walls too. We didn't do toprope tonight because it was the opening and they were very busy and we would have had to take a belay test, so we'll do that next time. I forgot how hard climbing is on your finger joints, it's pretty nuts. But we had a great time, and I busted out the pyjama pants (old school Alias climbing crew style) and my classy (and purple) climbing shoes, haha. It was great.

Jacob and Kat at my house for dinner last night

Planet Granite from the outside

Sweet climbing stuff

Cool boulder in the middle with the "slide" on the other side

Lots of walls

Jacob trying out the workout section!!


Tons of walls here

Wandering around the bouldering area

This craaaazy diagonal 2 floor caving area!!

Stairs to the upper deck of the bouldering area

Top of the boundering area

Me bouldering

More of me bouldering

Jacob bouldering

Sweet move

Haha nice one

Jacob and I in a seat that is a chair lift hanging from something

Funny one-way thing on the one side of the center boulder

Me upside down in the vertical cave area

More climbing

This is the easier climbing area on the one side, similar to the place I used to go to in Toronto

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