Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wall-E toys and Pie

I am back to my old habit of buying too many toys, so I gotta be careful. But more excitingly, I JUST ORDERED THE WALL-E BNL TRUCK TODAY holy craaaaaaaap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am REALLY excited for this, because it's the first (and potentially) the only time EVER that my 3D modeling and shading work has made it into a frickin' toy?!?!!!!!!!!!! Pixar unbelievably gave me the opportunity to do some TD work for Wall-E, and turns out it ended up rendered on the walls of this toy. I am TOTALLY excited. I think it's an early Chanukkah present from my parents, but I might have to post a couple photos of it when I get it. (Actually I guess I already did, here!)

So that is awesome. Also got some cool little new Wall-E toys that I've got up here on my desk of random awesomeness/mess here at my apartment. Sweet, I love toys.

Otherwise all is good, Sarah from Pixar just told me about the truck today and I freaked out and ordered it. Also we made a pie last week and it was surprisingly successful, see photos.

All the Wall-E toys in this series

Super awesome

They all fit together into one big chase!!

Sarah and the pie we made, it even tasted good!! Plus, nice work with the Canadian flag in the photo

I thought it would be cool to put it on the windowsill to cool, like 'ol school southern grandma style. But then we realized my windowsills were too thin, and were angling downwards, so it seemed like a bad idea

More Wall-E toys!!

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Eda Cherry said...

The Wall•E toys are so great! I really want to get the plush Wall•E that tucks into a square -- so I can finally give him a hug. lol

Congrats on seeing your work on the toy truck -- that's really cool!