Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah's crazy Treasure Island party

Saturday I went to the Ferry Building and met up with Matt, a few other people from work, and my old Pixar homeys Bill and Sarah. Then we went over to Sarah's house on Yerba Buena Island to hang out, have a BBQ, and try to get into the Treasure Island Music Festival. That didn't work out, but we still got to hear the music from a distance. Good times.

It ended up turning into a crazy party (as things tend to on Yerba Buena Island) and dancing and craziness ensued. See photos for a direct explanation.

B-Dwy looking serious

My hip-hop homeboys/girls

Cabernet and Gatarelli

Matt turning "double stuffed" Mint Oreos into a super 5-stuffed cookie

Matt REALLY proud of his cookie-making efforts


The 5-stuffed Mint Oreo expectedly turned into a socio-political statement.
To quote:
"The trail of half-cookies beside the one cookie that contains all of the mint is a clear comment and fierce attack on American over-consumption" - Mike Jutan

...then we tried on Sarah's glasses

...then we took a walk

...then we danced

Matt striking a pose

More dancing...

...and more

...and more

And a classy shot before more ridiculous photos

...then we put on a bunch of Sarah's clothes and Halloween costumes

...and walked to the lookout over the Bay Bridge

I love this city!!!!!!!

3 crazy kids


And finally a "serious photo"

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