Thursday, September 04, 2008

Guitar Pedals and Rachel's Housewarming

Rachel and Justin had their housewarming party on Sunday and that rocked the house. I picked up Rachel early in a ZipCar I rented for the day and we went to Costco so she could pick up groceries for the party. After dropping off my groceries I went to the beach to eat a bagel, and then drove up to the top of the hill near the edge of Geary St and there is a great view there.

Then off to San Rafael to go to Toys R Us (yes, I have a problem) and then to visit Frank and Jess!! We wandered "D St" a bit (haha), got some fries, and played guitar in the music shop in San Rafael (which rocked, by the way.) There was a HUGE pedal board of all the major Boss guitar pedals, and actually I've never had the chance to try them all out at once. Based on this I finally got to try the Boss CH-5 Chorus Ensemble Pedal and the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal. I think actually Dave Matthews uses the CH-1, and I found that the CH-5 had 2 tone controls and I didn't really like the sound from altering the extra control. I think the CH-1 sounded great, and added a lot of warmth to the sound of the Acoustic-Electric. It was pretty sweet, I got to try this pedal out with a Yamaha Compass Series Acoustic-Electric!! So this was not the same as my model, quite a bit different, but still the same kind of tone so it was a good way to test out some pedals. I think I am gonna get the CH-1 at some point!! Of course I played the obligatory "Crash into Me" on the guitar and with this pedal, and it sounded pretty sweet. Definitely gotta try recording it if I get that pedal and see how it sounds.

After that I chilled with Frank for a bit and then drove to Target, got some stuff I needed (Rice Cooker, new Kettle) and then drove back to my house, dropped off everything, and drove to Rachel's for her housewarming!! That was really fun, lots of people from work there, and amazing food due to a whole bunch of hard work from Rachel. Great food and awesome people!!!!!

Kat and Jacob


Erin and Lucas being crazy

Good times!!

Everyone hanging around the food in the kitchen

Awesome party!!

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