Friday, September 26, 2008

Oy, it's late, and the news is crazy

Again, with the not sleeping!

A couple nights ago I stayed up 'till 4am just so I could do my laundry and vacuum and clean the apartment. Crazy. Then got 4 hours of sleep and powered through a SWEET day at work. Tonight I did some necessary stuff but with the economic walls falling all around it's kinda important to watch the news a lot. Holy crap Washington Mutual went down today?!?!?!? This is insane.

Well thankfully pretty much any savings I have are all FDIC insured, so at this point that seems like the only safety net around. This is crazy!!!!

The bailout plan sounds important but man they are hyping it like crazy on the news, and the President had a heck of a scary message yesterday about it. Rather than the usual Republican fear-mongering, it's actually probably quite a truthful message and it is in fact important to get a bill passed quickly to solve this before more places collapse. But giving unprecedented control and a "don't ask any questions about how I am using the money" clause to the people implementing the bailout plan is near insane. So hopefully that all gets solved.

Also it's crazy that John McCain may not show up to the first Presidential debate tomorrow with Obama, and Obama may have to turn the event into just a televised town hall discussion meeting. Super crazy stuff.

Anyway, too much going on, and as well as watching the usuals (Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, CNN), I also watched The Office premiere (it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and made a To-Do list that's about 20 items long. Man!!!!! Alrighty, it's 3:30am so I'm gonna get some sleep before another busy day tomorrow. Kristjan Bergey, my old school buddy from Alias and the DMB concert in Toronto is coming to visit ILM tomorrow with his family and girlfriend, so this will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta get some sleep so I am a good tour guide tomorrow.

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