Monday, September 29, 2008

Housewarming #3: ILM TD and others edition

Saturday night I had "another housewarming" party at my place - really this is just becoming a good excuse to invite over a bunch of friends and have a great time. :) Anyhow, it was amaaaaaazing and tons of my friends made it here, which rocked. I think it was the most successful party yet! The food worked out REALLY well. R.Roooose from work gave me her famous Baked Brie recipe with caramelized onions and I actually managed to pull it off with some help from Frank. I made mini-caprese salads too, sliced suuuuppper good tomatoes from a farm stand at the Ferry Building with fresh basil from the same farm, fresh mozarella and also bagettes from Acme Bakery. It worked out well once I figured out how to serve the topping separately from the bread so they wouldn't soak the bread!!

The Google/Waterloo posse came up from Mountain View which was great, I haven't seen those guys in ages!! Everyone ate all the food, even all the carrots were gone. It was awesome that everyone went to town on it, presumably that means the food wasn't terrible (hooray!)

Great times, and awesome people as usual. Sunday morning I met up with some of the Waterloo crew again and we went to see some comedy in Golden Gate Park.

Baked Brie!!!!!!!! Rachel, it looks almost as good as yours!! ;)

Waterloo meets Texas. Word!

Piotr made it!!!!!!! B-Dwy rockin' in the background.

Cabernet and Mir-yam chatting with James

Me and John

My new coffee table being put to good use

Sweet cars in Golden Gate Park

The opening of the new California Academy of Sciences

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