Monday, September 15, 2008

Rock Band 2, iPod Update

Today was great, really busy but lots of fun. I got up this morning with basically enough time to check my email and leave for Nick's house. I caught up with my sister on the phone and then took a bus which was really convenient and dropped me right near Nick's house. We hung out for a while, played a bunch of Rock Band 2, had some burgers and some fish I brought which Nick marinated, and just generally had an awesome time. It was great, and Rock Band 2 is really fun. We played some new songs, another Beastie Boys one and "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins! :) I had a bit of trouble playing drums on Medium skill (it seems to be harder than Rock Band 1) but guitar was great.

After Nick's house I met up with Stephan and Katherine, had some awesome peach and strawberry cobbler and a tasty strawberry and basil soda drink which rocked. Then we took off to Frank and Jess's house, which was awesome as usual. Jess baked us a cake and Frank had a super new and awesome Bass guitar and Amp, which he is gonna learn how to play. Soooooooo cool!! It was fun and we watched the movie "Shoot 'em up" which was insane but good for a crowd to watch and make fun of the silly parts of it. Great times.

Here's an update on the current location of my iPod. :)

It's in Oakland, California!!!

Sweet, so it's really close, but the delivery date is still set for Thursday, I hope it comes sooner!!

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Andrew said...

I just bought myself an iMac, and since it came with a free iPod touch I've also been following its progress from China. You know what's more fun than actually buying and receiving a new toy? Tracking its progress as it gets shipped to you!

Though, I already have an iPhone so this iPod is going straight up for sale. Know anyone who might want one? :P

Hope things are going great!