Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving: Sold TV, got rid of stuff, almost ready to move

Preparing to move is going pretty well so far. I thought it would be insane to decide to move and then move like 6 days later, but packing up and throwing out stuff has actually gone very quickly. I craigslisted a bunch of stuff and finally got rid of my TV which is awesome. A guy came to get it today with 2 of his buddies, and he was so excited about it. He said other people were selling theirs for $300 (I figured that would be the case) so my price of $50 was so good he had to take it. That's awesome - I was hoping for someone to take it who was going to be organized and bring a bunch of friends to help and a nice big truck (they brought a Honda Pilot!) Awesome.

Been looking for new TVs now and Amazon looks like the best deal, actually. Shipping is included and they even have someone bring it up to your apartment, unbox it, and make sure it's working and connected to the cable correctly. Pretty awesome stuff! Looks like I can get a much better deal on Amazon and might try for a Sony 42" now or even looking to see how much the 46" ones are. But hoping to get a smaller set but a higher quality one - CNET has a LOT of reviews to go through. Now that I don't HAVE to get a new TV this week so I get free "old TV removal", I can wait until I find the one I want and then order it from the place with the best price.

My neighbour is very nice, she is in the wine industry and came by to say goodbye and also to bring me 4 more fancy bottles of French wine to take with me to my new place! That was very nice.

Also, Comcast is pretty awesome. I told them I was moving and they scheduled to turn off my cable and internet on the day I move, and scheduled someone to come to my new place to hook them both up the NEXT DAY! And also it's awesome, I said they should cancel my TV for now since I wasn't going to be using it right away... and so he offered to continue my internet and my cable tv, but give me the cable tv part FREE for a YEAR!! Amazing. I was really impressed with their service, actually. It was awesome, and it saves me $300 this year! Amazing.

Now I'm just continuing some more packing. Gonna have to spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen packing up stuff there tomorrow, but shouldn't take too long. Then moving this weekend!!

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