Friday, February 06, 2009

My buddy Alex re-wrote the iPhone "Phone App" - and it ROCKS

CHECK THIS OUUUUUUUT!!! My buddy Alex in Toronto made a sick iPhone App which is a re-write of the "Phone" App for iPhone. It auto-dials a calling card for you, and it's a great integration with your pre-existing contact list!

Alex gave me 3 FREE App Codes (only valid in the USA - sorry Canadian homeys)

If you have an iPhone and call out of the USA often...
The funniest 3 responses to this post get a FREE AppStore code for my buddy Alexs new app: Alexceed's Connect.

Alexceed's Connect

- Automatically dial phone card for long distance numbers

- Allows you to call extensions with ease

- Allows multiple phone cards with multiple numbers

- View contacts by organization (companies)

- Tutorial link available within app

The app runs similar to the Phone app and can be used to dial any 

More details here:

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