Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh, tax season, how awesome are you

I know I'm a huge nerd/dweeb/organizational powerhouse for actually getting my act together THIS EARLY and filing my taxes ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

You get all your tax forms by approx Jan 31st, so I figured... what am I waiting for?! They are due on April 15th, but if you wait that long it takes ages to actually get your taxes back. And this year I e-filed everything, and it's super awesome. Anyway I am totally psyched 'cause I never have any clue how much tax I get back, and I wasn't expecting much, but got a nice surprise!

Anyway, I love tax season, and it was fun to do my taxes (oh jeez, here come the Math student jokes) and anyway, great times. The money I get back is going straight into my Japan-trip savings account. I also love saving for cool stuff rather than spending my super hard-earned money on consumerist crap I don't need. Unfortunately any sort of direct money "stimulus package" from the government at tax time is going to result in me doing exactly what they don't want... saving it. I know the rebate last year was supposed to be a stimulus so people would "stimulate the economy" by buying stuff. I wonder with all the economic clouds forming last year if people actually spent any of it, or just paid off loans and put it directly into savings.

Well, another tax year, and another unexpected refund!!! Am I going to put it all on Red 3 in Vegas? Heeeeeeeeeeeecccccck no. And this, my esteemed homeys, is called "sound money management", something this country is unfortunately lacking in... TO THE MAX!

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