Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazy Ikea Rugs

Going to IKEA tomorrow after I hit up my "bros" over at Pixar for lunch. Good times.

I need to get some carpeting/rugs for my new place, and man there are some awesome (though near insane) rugs at IKEA right now. These are all pretty cheap... and HILARIOUS.

I think I am gonna get the blue one, cause it's crazy, but not totally over the top. These are pretty nuts though... would look nice in my office at work! :)

Hehe, this one is nuts. It's not too big, and I think it's only $30 or something. Kinda ridiculous, but I like how crazy it is. Not so keen on the background being white though... that'll get super dirty.

I love this one, but it's too expensive ($199!) Ouch. It's super cool, but I don't think I want to spend that much on a technicolour rug. I also suppose it's kinda tacky... but I'm a computer scientist... so I'm not supposed to have a reasonably sense of style.

This one is the coolest, I think I am going to get this. It's cheap (like $20) and the right length that I need for the hallway. It's busy/crazy, but not overly insane so I think I really like it.

Don't worry, the rest of my IKEA purchases tomorrow will be in a more regular colour palette :)

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