Monday, February 09, 2009

New Canon SLR, New Apartment?!

Pretty cool stuff going on lately.

I'm waiting for Feb 17th which is supposed to be the Canon announcement for the beginning of this year and it is quite possible they will be releasing the upgrade for the Canon Rebel XSi Digital SLR camera. This is siiiiiiiick cause I've been waiting to get my new camera and I really wanted to wait for this. If it's announced now then presumably it's for the PMA camera show which is March 3-5. So if it's announced next week, I guess that would mean it's available about 2 weeks after that. Pretty awesome stuff!

Tonight I looked at a new apartment, it is BEAUTIFUL. It is so nice, and I like it a lot. I really hope I get it! If so, it's going to be so relaxing there, the place is a lot quieter and a nicer area than where I am now... pretty amazing stuff. The place is amazing for many, many reasons. :) 1 bedroom (finally) so I can stop having my guests in the same room as I sleep in, i.e. less combined snoring and more sleep. The kitchen is newly remodeled, looks fantastic, the appliances are very new and it has a DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, that would have come in handy for the Thankgiving Party I had last year. The owner/building manager/landlord was so great, and you can tell that he takes a lot of pride in the building. He would be so excellent to talk to if there were ever any apartment problems. There's a great spot to store my bike, there's a shared laundry room but there are way less apartments than the complex I am currently in, so I bet it would work out great. The bathroom has a good ventillation/fan system in it, which is a big plus. It was an issue here in my current place that there's no way to get the moisture out of the bathroom other than opening the windows (which lets in the moist air from outside) ;) I LOVE the new apartment, and I should find out really soon if it's mine! Very awesome, this will be such a great change and will even encourage me to cook more at home since it has a super nice, big kitchen. I love it!!!!!!!! I really hope I get it!!

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Simply Me said...

good luck hun!! :) Sounds like a great diamond in the rough