Saturday, February 21, 2009

Move Phase #1

Tonight Cabernet and Gatarelli came over (Matt and Sarah) and they were INCREDIBLY helpful and amazing. They helped me pack all my crazy kitchen stuff, wine bottles, glassware, plates, dishes, cutlery, EVERYTHING!! It was just amazing. We even got my new computer totally packed up and moved over to the new place. Sweet.

The truck is working out well and I managed to get it for tonight as well as tomorrow, so I could do the move in two phases. :)

Decided not to move the bed tonight since it's not supposed to rain tomorrow, and it should be easy enough to move over tomorrow with lots of people helping out.

Whew I am tired, we worked on all the kitchen dry goods and dishes tonight, all the cutlery and glassware, art and frames, and got all that stuff and my computer and monitors and speakers over to the new place tonight which is nice. Tomorrow it's just the boxes and boxes of books, some more kitchen stuff and dry goods, and then the furniture... the bed, the bookshelves, the desk, the futon, and the round kitchen table. Not a ton of stuff, and should be quick with so many people helping out.

Alrighty off to bed to get a decent sleep before the big moving day tomorrow.

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