Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do I dare open the Pandora's box of Twittering?

So I've been trying my darndest not to reveal every single piece of information about myself in small chunks over the last 4.5 years I've been blogging.

Do I dare enter the world of "Microblogging" (aka "Twittering")?!

I am essentially ALREADY twittering since I am updating my Facebook status several times per day... that's basically the same thing. Although Twitter is more like a blog since anyone in the world can read it, I think.

So why the discussion at all? Well I just saw that the one, the only Dave Matthews actually has a twitter account. Even crazier, he updates it a LOT. This means he essentially sends lots of fans back a small, 160 character response to a question/idea/quote they send him. That's pretty AMAZING. Pretty interesting way to follow the life and details of someone you want to "keep in touch with" or just want to follow their Microblog or just want to "Microstalk" them. Anyway seems kinda cool and also super intense in the "always connected" realm. I could see how this could possibly be even worse than my addiction to blogging.

So not sure if I'm gonna open the Pandora's box of Twittering... but for now, this Dave Matthews twitter page sure is cool.

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