Sunday, February 01, 2009

iMenorah version 1.3 coming this week

Dear iMenorah customers,

If you downloaded iMenorah over the Chanukah holidays and your iPod Touch or iPhone's region was not set to US English - you will have had 1 of 2 problems:
  • A crash on startup
  • The incorrect number of candles being drawn during the nights of Chanukah
Please accept our apology for this bug. This was due to an unforseen bug due to date internationalization formatting with Apple's iPhone SDK. Today, Matt and I were finally able to get together and get it fixed. We apologize for the workaround you may have had to do to make iMenorah function correctly. Please be confident that this will work correctly over next Chanukah... anywhere you may be on the globe!

iMenorah version 1.3 will be released later on this week, following approval from the iTunes App Store.

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