Monday, February 23, 2009

The Nerd Handbook

My buddy Matt just posted a link to this, and I thought I'd post one too... The Nerd Handbook.

This is frickin' interesting. It's a very good article and it points out some pretty interesting quirks and personality traits that you often see in someone with nerdy "leanings" such as, well... me... :)

I agree with Matt that a bunch of this stuff doesn't totally match up to every "nerdy" person. :) For instance, it says how nerds hate small talk, and how they don't like presenting to crowds or meeting new people, or traveling...?!?!? I definitely, certainly, love all of that stuff... a LOT. So I guess I'm not 100% nerdy, so that's a good thing I expect.

I loved the part about recognizing humour potential, and "scanning past experiences" for witty comments to make. Haha, that's awesome. The part about an unquenchable appetite for information is defffinnnnitely true (as well as the part saying "nerds have moderation issues") :) I have been known to spend 10 hours on my computer just reading and reading and reading.. even after a long day at work... crazy business. Yes, I am trying to achieve more moderation in my life, but it's tough!! When there is so much information out there, and so much of it is interesting... it's hard to turn off and just go sit on the couch and read a book.

The best part was about the "relevancy engine" - haha. I definitely do this all the time, and so does my Dad. You can be talking to me for a while, and it's quite possible that my mind is on something completely different than what you are talking about. I'm not being rude - it's just the "relevancy engine" kicking in, and my mind is wandering back to something I saw earlier that day, which reminded me of a lecture from University 6 years ago, which reminds me of some street sign I saw in Australia 9 years ago, which reminds me of what someone told me last week... which sparks an idea for a new iPhone app. :) This was a really cool article about the "nerd's mind" and I think a good part of this is quite (ahem)... relevant. :)

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