Thursday, September 14, 2006

More website stuff, cell phone, work, friends

Lots of stuff to write about tonight. Today my new Nokia Cell Phone arrived and it is totally sweet. I am happy to report that I did in fact get the $40 airtime once I transferred my old number to my new phone. That rocks. So basically I got this phone for free because I paid $40 (which I was going to pay in this month anyway), and then got $40 back in airtime credit. Awesome. I programmed all my contacts into my new phone and figured out how to use it and how to lock the keypad and turn on the flashlight and stuff. Most importantly it has a whole bunch of really stupid ringtones and no normal rings or samba music like my old phone. So that is too bad. But it does play real songs as ringtones! That is cool so clearly I need to somehow get Dave Matthews Band's 40-second "Pantala Naga Pampa" on there.

I've just been looking around for software and I think I found one that will make Polyphonic Ringtones and send them to my phone. Sweet.

I also just updated the icons for my new web design for my website and posted them here:

Work is amazing and I love it.

I also talked to Yung and Matt tonight and they sound like they are doing well. Yung is working at IDT in Toronto, working on their new film. She sounds quite excited and is using the Maya Plugin Project Generator that I wrote at Alias about 2 years ago! Awesome. Matt sounds like he is doing really well too, having a great time at the Toronto International Film Festival and also doing very well at work so that rocks.

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