Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rosh Hashannah

Today was a pretty busy day. Yaron, a friend from Waterloo who is working at Google at the moment came up to the East Bay for Rosh Hashannah, which is Jewish New Years. We went to Berkeley Hillel, a Jewish Students Association in Berkeley for services and then chilled in Berkeley for quite a while. It was cool and Berkeley rocked as usual. Oh yes also last night I went for an ammmazzzziiing huge 40-person Rosh Hashannah dinner with tons of other Jewish co-workers from Pixar!! It was totally awesome and everyone was super nice, tons of coooool friends and people from work are Jewish too, good times. It was fun and it was very kind of them to invite me along too, I had a super awesome time and the food was like totally insanely fantastic.

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