Friday, September 08, 2006

Target, Cell Phones, Camping

Lots of cool stuff going on lately. Tonight we went to Target and I got a bunch of random food like I usually get there, it was fun. My roommate Jake and I went up there and I got stuff as random as spaghetti sauce, lots of Iced Tea, a box of twinkies, and a folding chair to take camping this weekend.

Awesome new music that I've been listening to. I have been rockin' out to some pretty legendary Joshua Radin as usual, and The Last Kiss soundtrack is totally awesome. Also it looks like both Teitur and John Mayer have new albums coming out soon, so that is fantastic. I heard the new Dave Matthews Band studio album is supposed to be coming out at the end of this year, so that would be great.

So I was on the Virgin Mobile site tonight and it looks like I spent about $26 this month on my Cell Phone calls and then another $7 to get service for the month. So that is about $33, and Virgin Mobile has a new plan for $34 per month that gives you 300 minutes any time and 1000 minutes per month every evening 7pm-7am and all weekend, so that is Friday at 7pm to Monday at 7am. That is actually pretty good as it appears that I am using the phone just enough to spend about $34 per month, so I may as well change to this plan and then if I talk more than I am right now, I won't get charged more than I am already paying. So that seems good, I don't think I'll use the phone much less than I am right now, so I may as well switch to this new plan.

Also it looks like on their site that I can also get a new phone too. My current phone has pretty bad battery life, it seems to only last for 1 day, so if I go away for the weekend it'll stop working by Saturday evening which is not good. This happens even if I have turned the phone off overnight!! So it's not a huge deal but anyway it looks like Virgin Mobile has a Nokia phone on their site that is $40, but comes with a $40 Airtime credit. So in other words the phone is free because I will have to pay in $40 soon enough anyway, and this way I just pay for the phone and get the money back in Airtime. So I should probably do that, it seems like a good idea to upgrade to a better phone (and it's free anyway so it seems appropriate.)

Ok so all this stuff I've been reading about tonight, but also I had to pack because I am going camping all weekend. A bunch of us are going camping and it is going to be totally awesome, I can't wait. Not sure exactly where it is, somewhere in the South Bay I think but anyway it should be really awesome and lots of cool people are going too.

Well that's about it from me tonight. It's 2:15am, usually I have been going to bed earlier, but tonight I am too excited about work and camping and cell phones and so on, so I figured I'd go on Facebook for an hour and then blog for a while too. :)

Matt Lausch sounds like he had an awesome first week at work, so I am looking forward to hearing from him about how it went. Looks like Matt Philips is rockin' out at work already too based on what he said on his blog, so that is great. Those 2 guys are reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally smart and reeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllly good at programming. :) (If you're reading this Matt and Matt, then I hope you enjoyed the props.) Those guys were AWESOME roommates last term. Good times.

Talking about roommates, my one roommate Curt has moved to Danville which is somewhere about 45 minutes from here. That is too bad cause he is awesome, but he wanted to move cause it's really quiet there and he has his own room over there and some of his friends live there too I think. So I am sure he'll have a good time and we'll still see him lots at work so no worries.

Ok I better get to bed cause it's camping time tomorrow! We watched Finding Nemo tonight and it was amazing as always.

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