Monday, September 11, 2006

Phone and Europe travel plans

Tons of random stuff to do this evening. I got my new Cell Phone ordered and called the Virgin Mobile help desk and it sounds like I can keep my current Cell Phone number but also get this sweet new phone for free, which rocks. Yeah for new phone awesomeness. I should probably get a Dave Matthews Band ringtone to celebrate or something.

Anyway, that is cool and also today I went to Emery Bay Cafe with Kurt and Alex, they went camping with us too and they are straight-up legendary. Good times. Gattabet and I went to the mall after that and got some Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream, it was good but it was insanely huge and such an American-sized portion that I wanted to chant "U.S.A.!! U.S.A.!!" and that was that.

Also today I started looking for travel books for Europe. I am going next April and I am not sure where I want to go yet, but probably Italy, France, Greece, the Greek Islands and also maybe Portugal and Spain. Since I've been to a few of the more Northern Europe countries already (France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Switzerland), I think I want to keep my travels mostly to the Southern area and the Mediterranean cause that sounds totally amazing. It sounds like I'll probably have enough money for maybe 2.5 or 3 months, so there is lots to do and I am going to have to get some plans rockin'. I want a more relaxed kind of trip with not everything planned in advance, but I'd also like to plan out some things I want to see and get at least an idea of where I want to go over the trip and what I don't want to miss. It is totally going to rock the house, I can't wait.

Check out these sweet photos of my new phone.

Front view

Side view

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