Thursday, September 21, 2006

Joshua Radin concert tonight

Oh man this was amazing. We just got back from the Joshua Radin concert in San Francisco. I got a bunch of my friends from work to come with me and they loved it.

It was AWESOME. He played for like a hour, his band was awesome, his backup singer is a girl named Precilla Ahn who is super cute and also is a gorgeous singer, just amazing vocal harmonies with Joshua's lead vocals. Amazing. I couldn't believe how AWESOME it was in concert... so much better than other live shows I've been to recently. These guys totally rocked the house. He talked to the audience a lot and told us what all the songs mean and why and when he wrote them, ohhh man it was really cool. Also they mixed it up a lot too and played a lot of cool little riffs during the concert to make it extra good. It rocked.

I of course bought a Joshua Radin shirt, check it out.

Sweet Josh Radin shirt

So after the Josh Radin concert we met 2 people who noticed my Pixar sweatshirt and I said, yep I work there! They asked me if I knew someone there who they know and I did, and we talked for a bit and it was super obvious from our mutual acquaintance, and also by their nature that they were Jewish too! So we chatted about our obvious Jewish-ness too which was funny. They were really nice and on the way to Curt's car we saw them stranded and not able to get the steering wheel club off their car, they had left their key in Berkeley!!

So they didn't know what to do, so we drove them home!! Haha amazing. So we totally made some new friends, David and Jess or Jen I think their names were. They were so grateful that we helped them out and it was fun to make new friends. :)

The concert ROCKED. Oh man I had a great time.

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