Monday, September 04, 2006

Campfire on the beach, movies, new friends

This weekend has been both pretty chill and also full of activities. Friday night I came home from work and went right back out to hang with Mattabet and his friends. We went to Ocean Beach and made a campfire on the beach and roasted some pretty awesome turkey hotdogs. I ate like 4 of them. It was fantastic. I got to play some guitar too and meet Mattabet's friends, they were all awesome especially Holly and Julie and Julie's friend from DC, they were a cool bunch and Holly and Julie rocked out with some good singing/guitar playing which was quite fitting for the chill nature of a campfire on the beach. Awesome!!

The next day Matt and I went to the Farmer's Market, then to the city and then to see Snakes on a Plane. Yes it was ridiculous and yes it was totally nuts and had a pretty terrible script, but mannnn was it awesome and entertaining. There were some really hilarious quotes from it, and Samuel L. Jackson really is a powerhouse, it was awesome.

I bought Arrested Development Season 3, so now I have all 3 seasons. The quote on the front of the DVD box is "Better than just about everything on TV", well said!!

Let's see what else is up. Today we went for breakfast with some of the other new interns who I haven't hung out with yet, they were all cool. After that we went to see Little Miss Sunshine and it was a really great movie, Steve Carell is a really good actor and the rest of the actors and actresses in the movie were fantastic too. It's a story about a family trying to get to a beauty pageant called Little Miss Sunshine that their daughter is supposed to be in, and the family is totally weird and awkward but very sweet at the same time. It was very well written and acted and I really enjoyed it. It also has a rating of 93% on which is totally amazing.

Anyhow, here are some pics from the campfire on the beach this weekend.


Holly rockin' out

New homeys

Me playing some guiiitarre

Julie and her friend from DC

Cool chalet thing

View into the city

Nice houses

Awesome driving streetcar

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