Monday, September 04, 2006

I saw Joel Coen and Frances McDormand this weekend

One thing I forgot to mention, that totally rocks the house.

This weekend when Matt and I were hanging out at a random croissant restaurant, I noticed super awesome actress Frances McDormand and her husband, the incredibly amazing/super talented Joel Coen walk by. Matt and I finished our food quickly and rushed out to see if it was really them. It sure was, and we even walked into a super expensive clothing store, and pretended to be interested in the clothes for a minute or two so we could see them up close. :)

It was ammmazing. Joel Coen is the director and co-writer of one of my favourite movies ever, The Big Lebowski. Also him and his brother Ethan wrote/directed Fargo, The man who wasn't there, O Brother, Where Art Thou and tons more.

I can't believe I saw one of the Coen brothers this weekend. That is insane.

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