Wednesday, September 27, 2006

While on the topic of movies...

If you read my previous post you can see that "The Last Kiss" really got me thinking!! I have other random movie related chatting to do so I figured it seemed appropriate to make a random post about nothing too specific. :) Sounds like my friend Bill from work got "Everything is Illuminated" and we're going to watch that tomorrow night. I am pretty excited as it sounds really cool, the subject sounds pretty neat, a young Jewish boy (played by Elijah Wood) takes off to Lithuania searching for someone who helped his grandfather through the World War. It sounds super serious but I think it's supposed to be a comedy, lots of weird and interesting people he runs into along the way I bet. Sounds awesome. Anyhow I'll certainly give it some props on here if it rocks as much as I expect it to. :)

Also I just found out that Curious George comes out on DVD tomorrow. I think I should probably buy it. Now that I work on 3D films, I find that I am reaaaaaaaaaally starting to appreciate all the little details in 2D films too. Curious George was very well animated and the colours and sets they use are very bright and vibrant and awesome. I saw in on the big screen but I think I'd like to get the DVD. Jack Johnson did the soundtrack, so that rocks, and also some hilarious people like Will Ferrell and David Cross are voices in the movie. I think I should probably get it, but I need to start going fierce on the savings if I am going to be able to afford this bug huge trip to Europe in April.

Cool. Looks like Alias/Autodesk is going to have a cool Maya event soon so I am psyched to check that out. Good times!

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