Monday, September 04, 2006

Going to Josh Radin

Looks like Josh Radin in playing a concert pretty soon so I pretty much have to go to it. Oh yeah, and also I need to bring all my friends, cause Josh Radin is totally legendary. I have been listening to his tunes a lot lately and he is just awesome.

There seems to be a lot of other good concerts around here, Paul Simon is playing in Berkeley and a lot of other good stuff is coming up soon too, so I might go to a few more if I am up for spending some cash on good music. That seems most certainly appropriate.

This coming weekend should be totally awesome as well because we are going camping somewhere (not sure where yet) but it is totally going to rock.

I was going to update my website today and post a bunch of stuff but I ended up going to a BBQ with my roommate and some of his friends and then just hangin' out after that so I didn't quite get to the website. Oh well, I should do that at some point soon I guess.

So I was going to finish writing this post but then I felt like watching TV for some reason so I just watched Leno for a bit, it was pretty funny. One of my roommates was away for the weekend and he isn't back yet, but it's 12:20 already so I guess I am off to bed.

Matt Parrott and my roommates are going to come to Josh Radin with me so that rocks and I have some people to go with which is great.

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