Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back to New York City, chillin with Joel

We headed back to the airport on Sunday afternoon, had a nice tea and chat with everyone, and then headed on our way back to New York City. This time things went much more smoothly, we were on the correct flights on the way back, and 17 hrs later we got to NYC. :) We dropped off our bags and then met up with my buddy Joel Zimmer at his apartment in Brooklyn! We chilled out there, and then Joel went to work and let us hang out in his apartment to relax and unwind after the long flight. In the evening Norm went to have dinner and stay with our "Uncle" Philip (actually my Mom's step-cousin), and I headed back to the airport for another 5 1/2 hour long flight to San Francisco. So after 23 hrs of flight time, and 9 hrs of jet lag, I was pretty tired. :) But home safely and everything is all good and all my luggage is here and arrived safely. Good times.

It was great to see Joel and where he is living and how well he's set up his apartment, it is great.

Haha, the cabs in NYC have a GPS and Google Maps in them!

Joel and Norm at Joel's apartment!!

Word up

Norm and Joel at a nice coffee spot near Joel's house

Norm and her coffee

Lots of nice trees and sidewalks in Brooklyn

Haha, hilarious vending machine at JFK, it's potato knishes and other Kosher food in a machine called "Hot Nosh 24/7" :)

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