Monday, July 07, 2008

Granny's house, Computer stuff, and friends

Yesterday we went to hang out with Gran again for the morning, and chatted about a bunch of stuff, got literally 100 old photos that we're going to scan, and chatted some more. :) We ate and ate and ate there, as expected Granny kept making us eat more food even after we were totally full. Her Greek friend came over while we were sitting in the sun on her porch and brought us all small matching tea cups and saucers with Greek Coffee in it!! It was so funny, she kept saying it was "Greek Coffee - you know, 100% Pure Coffee!" :)

James got his license yesterday so we went to the mall and I got a cool Africa shirt. In the afternoon we got some more Biltong and went to the computer store where we picked up a new mouse and a CF/SD camera card reader for James's computer. We installed those later on and then went to Mookie's friend Danielle's house for tea and chatting. It was great, Danielle and her family were soooo nice, and I tell ya, if we meet any more awesome people we just might move to South Africa - haha. :)

Ok here's a few photos from yesterday.

Granny's cat sleeping outside

The cat sleeping again somewhere else

Jimmy, Mookie, Leon and Danielle

Lara, Norma, James and Me

Me and James rockin' it out


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