Thursday, July 03, 2008

Power outages and Puma shoes

Wednesday was freakin' awesome. We started off the morning by picking up Granny and she was SO happy to see us. We went to the mall and as we got there we realized that BOTH the lights and the power were totally off in the mall... and we were hungry for breakfast.

We sat down at Wimpy anyway, and the waiter told us they could pretty much still make all the breakfasts, just the eggs would be "a little soft"?! This is totally South African style, the power is off everywhere... but still people go one with their business as usual. The food rocked and I got the meal with the Beurowors, and it was soooooooo good.

Then off to get Granny a duvet cover, some new steak knives and another knife to cut fruit with, and a few other things she needed. Then James and I took off together for a while and did some "man shopping" - i.e. looking at Playstation Games and iPods, etc. I got a new Billabong wallet which rocks. Then we went to the shoe store and James convinced me to try on the shoes I really wanted to get, since they were on sale. Turns out they were the last pair left (and they are awesome).

In the evening, Affie came over for dinner and was hilarious as usual. Then we got Skype going and everyone chatted with my Mom, Dad and Uncle LuLu in Hamilton for quite a while. It was great. After everyone left, Norm and I went our for coffee with Mooks and Jimmy and I got this fancy thing called a "Red Cappucino" - a cappucino made with Rooibos tea instead of Coffee?!! Good times.

The lights out in the mall

Breakfast time

Tanzanite rings that Norm is looking at

Mookie worried about the water coolant that just sprayed from the "bonnet" of the car


These shoes are SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking
at these for ages, this rocks.

Me and Uncle Affie

Me and Uncle Affie pushing out our stomachs

Norm and Granny

Norm and Uncle Affie

Out for coffee

Hilarious and weird drink, it rocked

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