Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Breakfast and Montecasino

This morning we picked up Granny and got breakfast again at Wimpy, it was fun and tasty. Then back to the house where I spent a while fighting with the computer to try to get the Skype Video Chat working again so we can all correspond with video chat once I return to the USA. Finally got this working again, it was nuts.

Then we headed off to Montecasino, a cool indoor sort-of "outdoor Italian village" which was neat. I guess in Johannesburg, South Africa it's way too dangerous to actually have fancy dinner spots in an outdoor cafe setting... so instead they have an indoor version of it. It's really quite beautifully done, but it's also a little strange that this kind of thing doesn't really seem to exist in a more accessible/public spot (and without the need for a gun check or security clearance/metal detector first). This was one of the many things that got my sister and I on a 3 hr discussion with each other this evening about the culture shock we are having here in South Africa. But it's late now, so I'll write a long post about that another time. Word. Here are some photos!

Gran, Norm and Me

James and Norm at breakfast

Haha check out the difference in our coffee cups!!

More fires burning close to the road

Me and Gran

Me and James

Cool buildings inside Montecasino

Hehe super cool Italian style buildings and the "day sky"

Good times

Cool Amethyst rocks

More Italian style buildings

Haha "Laundry" on the line

Malva Pudding and a Cappucino

Pretty crazy sign on the outside

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