Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pretoria, Sandton and Nelson Mandela Square

This morning, Cyril picked us up and we went on an adventure to Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa!! It was very nice, we drove there and stopped in at the Sheraton Hotel for lunch, which was toasted sandwiches (SO GOOD) and SA-style "chips" aka "proper french fries" (SO GOOD), maaan it was fun.

Then off to the Union Buildings, which are somewhat like the Ottawa Parliament buildings, but just the offices for the administration of the government. Nelson Mandela had his office in there!!!! So cool. The parks and flowers around there were cool, and we saw an Ibis flying!!

Then back to Sandton which is near where Cyril lives. We looked in the shopping center and the hotel where he sends some of his business clients to. Then a photo with the big brass Nelson Mandela statue in the Nelson Mandela Square, followed by a Grenadilla (Passionfruit) Milkshake!! It was so good.

Tonight we stayed here at Jimmy and Mookie's house, and I spent some time getting the computer in a better state. Now for some photos.

Turn off to Pretoria

University in Pretoria

McDonald's even has a gate here

Nice tree pathway

Art at the hotel

Cool tea cups and sugar on a stick

African art in the bathroom

Cool head bust

Chillin' at the Sheraton after lunch

Me and Norm outside the Sheraton

View of Pretoria

Awesome trees

WW I and WW II monument

"Birds of Paradise" and other flowers

Then we saw this Ibis flying by!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outside the parliament buildings

SA Flag and the Union Buildings

Cyril near the monument

View of the whole main part of the Union Buildings

Haha this word is SO long

Johannesburg Stock Exchange buiding

Apparently for 30 Rand (i.e like $3.75) you can get your car washed by someone while you shop

Weird McDonald's menu

Cows for some promotion

Nice view in the hotel

Nice hotel

At the hotel

Me, Norm, and the Nelson Mandela statue

Good cat we saw at the cafe

Haha this cat is awesome

The cat and Nelson Mandela

Floor 6.5?!?!?!!

Crazy, lots of people being transported home in a big truck

Beautiful sunset on the way home

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