Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gold Reef City

Today we went to Gold Reef City, a theme park in Johannesburg. I was astounded by the differences between North American theme parks and Gold Reef City on about a bazillion levels, but here's a few of the crazy ones:
  1. It was SO quiet - it was school holidays, but still not a lot of people there
  2. Due to lack of crowding, lines were short, no running between rides trying to get everything done, therefore no stress!
  3. The food prices were not exorbitant...in fact they were the same as outside the park. There were some chain restaurants in there that served their normal menu, at normal price! Quite unheard of in Canada's Wonderland, etc.
  4. There were no take-away cups at the restaurant - if you order food they deliver it to your table, nice and relaxing
  5. The souvenirs were actually very nice and local to the area, and were cheaper than in a souvenir store in a mall?!!! Insane!!
  6. The acts are local Zulu dancing and feature South African local music.

    and just so they aren't all Pros, here's a Con:

  7. Safety seems to be, uh... of a "lesser" concern. I went on several rollercoasters and you kinda are required to buckle yourself in, and they don't necessarily check you?!! That is crazy.
Anyhow it was amazing, and we really enjoyed it. I got a super cool Swazi shirt, and some more bracelets. The rides were amazing and we had a great time!!

This evening we went to a Sports store and I got a really awessoooome South Africa cricket shirt, it is very cool. After that we had dinner and then spent a bunch of time with James on the computer again. We got Video Chat on Skype to work!!!!!!!! So that is great news. We just transferred the old 30Gb hard drive from the old machine to the new one, and it worked the first time. The newer computer is doing well now!!

Cool dance group outside of Gold Reef City

Mmm... Boerewors for lunch

James and I with a "Chip and Dip", basically fries in a container with "Tomato Sauce" i.e. Ketchup :)

Haha, an Ibis

This ride is called the Tower of Terror, and it drops you at a FULL 90 DEGREES?!?!?!? Insane. I decided not to do this one. :)

A crazy parrot

Sweet Ferris wheel

Haha disclaimer at the Ferris Wheel

View of Jo'Burg from the Ferris Wheel

The swings we went on

A Peacock wandering around

Me and James waiting in line

Time for Ice Cream

Another crazy peacock

Cool Yoda sculpture made out of garbage, metal scraps, etc.

Rickshaw driver

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