Sunday, July 06, 2008

Safari in Pillansberg National Park and Sun City

Yesterday was glorious. We got up super early and drove to Sun City for an amazing breakfast with my cousin Heather and her new husband Alan. It was SO fun and they are really nice, it was great to see Heather again after so long and to meet Alan too. We had a great time there, then headed into Sun City to check it out, it's basically like a theme park/resort/hotel/casino place, and was pretty nice. Took lots of photos then headed to Pillansberg National Park!

At Pillansberg we drove around for some time and found lots of amazing animals along the way: Elephants, Zebra, Impala, Wildebeasts, Rhinos, Hippos, Giraffes, and more. Totally amazing.

Alan is very knowledgeable about all this outdoorsy stuff and he explained a bunch of interesting things to us about the animal habitats, the plant and bird life, etc. Very cool stuff. Anyway the pictures really say it all, so here we go.

On the way to Sun City

Township shops along the way

Platinum mine


Mountains near Sun City

Jimmy and the dog

Soooo South African

Norma and Heather having a nice chat

Breakfast time

Haha funny cat

The other cat loved the gift bag we brought

Me, Allan, Heather, Norma

Heather on her bike

Inside Sun City

The Palace Hotel in Sun City

Cool water fountain

Me inside a hotel in Sun City

Norm posing for the same photo


Outside the casino

Water park and beach

Jimmy and James

Me and James rockin' our Ice Creams




Close-up of the Elephant

Long grass


More Impala


Close-up of Zebra


Watering hole

Guinea Fowl at Watering hole


Baby Rhino drinking milk

haha, this guy rocked

Amazing scenery


Giraffe having lunch

Rhino at Watering hole


Funny sign

Electric fences around the areas where you can get out of your car

"Controlled" fires on the side of the road near the townships

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