Friday, July 11, 2008

Jo'Burg Waterfront, Wall-E Opening Night in South Africa

This morning we went for a nice breakfast at the Johannesburg Waterfront, it rocked!! We had some great food, then bought some more cool beaded figures and I got some cool necklaces. In the afternoon we got some dried mango and banana and vacuum-sealed the packages for traveling with them. I got some more Biltong too at a really good place, this might be the best Biltong yet!!

We went to a music store and I asked the guy for some "Local" African music. He suggested 5 CDs, and let me listen to a sample of all of them one by one to see if I liked them. They were all great, very interesting, very different, and the kind of super "local" township music which would be near impossible to buy in the USA or Canada. So that rocked, and I appreciated all the advice from the store guy... and so I bought all 5 of the CDs he recommended. So far they sound totally amazing!!!!!

This afternoon I finally got Skype working with Video so Granny could video chat with my parents in Canada, I think she loved that. In the evening we went to the mall to go watch Wall-E on opening night here in South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so AWESOME, and I loved taking the family here to see the movie. It's so great to see it again and with family too. My sister loved it, and my Granny even came to watch it too! She was quite impressed, she said "It was very unusual, so different, and the story was so cute. I loved Wall-E and Eve." She also mentioned, "I love that little egg" - refering to Eve. :) She said she's never seen anything like it!! :) Everyone loved it, and it's nice to show off my hard work (and everyone else's) to the family here.

The restaurant served Warthog?!!!

Some random sketching I did on our tablecloth

Cool lights

Breakfast time and cool plates

This sounded kinda gross too!!

Crazy multi-animal rug

Me and the Wall-E poster at Ster-Kinekor theatres in South Africa

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Anand said...

Hi Mike, I really like your blog, your trip looks amazing.

It was fun meeting you at the Maya API dinner in AZ this spring (I'm Brendan's wife).
Congratulations on Wall E!