Monday, July 28, 2008

Next Adventure? Japan, it is.

This weekend was great, pretty chill and I took some much needed time to relax and think about my South Africa trip and wind down from an incredibly busy week at work. So that was great and pretty necessary, and I spent the usual few hours at the Ferry Building on Saturday just chillin', eating some nice food, watching the people, catching up on phone calls, and thinking about a bunch of stuff. Then some Blue Bottle coffee followed by some Pizza with Matt and his SCAD friends, then some drinks, some pool, some Dave Matthews Band on a jukebox, some gelato, and finally some Margaritas and discussion about Tron 2, graphics, and work. Good times.

I spent all day today sorting out stuff. First off I went out for coffee with Jacob and Kat, which was awesome, and chatted about camping sometime soon. I FINALLY got my beautiful Cars Wrap Party limited art print on the wall, this was a gift to us ages ago and I recently got it framed, but took forever to get it up on the wall. Anyhow, finally got it sorted and it looks good.

This evening just a lot of sorting out... laundry, dishes, emails, unpacking from South Africa, etc. Tons of stuff to take care of, and I did most of it which is great.

The real excitement is now that I'm back from my big adventure to South Africa... it's time to plan the next big adventure!! I am going to have to save up a lot for this one, but it is going to be soooooooo amazing and so worth it. Destination: Japan!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking about how awesome it would be to visit Asia, and Japan is one of the highest on my list. Most recently my friend Kurt visited there and has some ammmaaazing photos from the trip, which got me really excited and interested in going. I have no idea where I would travel to yet, or what to do there, or even what is interesting to see... but from Kurt's photos it looks like there is a TON of cool stuff, and so much different food and different cultural experiences, it sounds absolutely amazing.

I took a few pics from Kurt's Facebook, these pretty much sealed the deal for me on the whole Japan travel idea. :) As you can see from these few photos, this would probably be the best trip ever!!!!!!

The most awesome looking gardens ever

An umbrella vending machine?!??!?!?!?

Haha, Kurt in some sort of hat

This is Osaka at night, amaaaaaaaazing

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