Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jutan Family Braai

Today we had a huge "Braai" (BBQ and get-together) at Mookie and Jimmy's house. Lots of people came... Uncle Affie and his wife Glenda and daughter Erin, Granny Leah, Mark and his wife Bianca, Gary and his girlfriend Megan, and of course Mookie, Jimmy, James, Me, and Norm!! It was packed and super hilarious and crazy. It's probably the most Jutans in 1 room that I've ever been in, and everyone was eating too much and over-excitedly talking too much, all at the same time... in true Jutan Family style. :) Totally amazing.

It was fantastic to see Mark and Gary again after soooooooooooo long. Mark is still tall (and look like Gary has caught up too) :) It was so nice to chat and talk about what everyone is doing and where they are working and what their plans are for the future. Oh yeah, and the food was awesome. :)

Also, it's still super funny that the real, South African pronunciation of my last name is "JuTIN", NOT "Ju-TAN" as you might expect. It's funny to hear that again, and to be reminded that I've been saying my own last name wrong for my entire life!! haha.

Sooo much crazy fruit at the grocery store: papaya, kiwi, gooseberries, etc.

Haha, apparently "Naartjies" are kinda like oranges?! :)

And... kumquats.

This was nuts!! I got some "Blue Mountain Blend" coffee, a small bag of it for about $2!!! I am assuming this is THE famous Jamaican world-renowned coffee... in a blend of course with other beans, but anyhow, $2?!?!??! Wow. We got enough for at least 30 cups or so, and tried it today. It was not brewed very strong, but the flavour was VERY intense. I'd still like to try the real thing, but a place in San Francisco sells it for $7 for ONE cup. :)

Haha, and then all the power went off in the grocery store again, and people collectively said "ohhh...." and soon after it came back on (and some people cheered). We asked the coffee guy if they could still grind the coffee beans with the power off and he said, "Sure!" I have NO idea how the coffee grinder still worked with no power. But it was funny, cause we asked him if he was just going to stomp on them, and he laughed.

Me and Affie

Norm and Granny


Glenda, Norm, Mark and Megan

Affie trying to get some food before its ready, and Mookie hitting him with a cloth

Affie still trying to stick his fork in the potatoes

Gary and Jimmy

Lots of food!!!!! I made the potato bake with Mookie's guidance

Me and Gary

Me, Mark and Bianca

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