Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ah crap. Mold.

I get excited about a lot of stuff, but I think we can safely agree that I don't much care for mold.

Last week I found a not-so welcome surprise of a bunch of mold growing on some baseball hats in my closet. So that was annoying, but I washed them a presumed that meant I was all set. Well, after all the bazillions of people in my house at my party last week, and my apartment that is painfully devoid of any decent ventilation... I wandered into my closet this week and found a ton of mold rockin' fierce on some of my important clothes (read: tux jacket) Ah, craaaap.

So the solution is I am going to re-wash everything in my closet. Most of it is probably fine but mold spores grow and are airborne, so I want to eliminate as much as possible.

The main problem is most likely the humidity level in my house due to lack of ventilation, and the fact that I don't open the windows as much as I should cause I live in a noisy area.

Anyway long story short, I gotta go dry clean a few things. And then I gotta clean up a bunch of stuff in my closet, and re-wash everything in there. Man, what a pain.

So I read a bunch that mold can't grow without moisture (thank you, EPA's "A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home") so I gotta make sure I ventilate this place more. I should probably get a dehumidifier too.

A good rule of thumb it seems is that if your windows have moisture on them, you should open them and ventilate the house. I notice moisture on the windows often, especially if there are people at my house... so I gotta make sure to keep the windows open!

This is a massive annoyance, but at least I learned something I suppose. :) Also I guess now I gotta go find out where the nearest dry cleaner is to my apartment too.

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